It is easy to understand, with a simple design and has a convenient back end interface. I get the opportunity work with all types of online stores from online retail giants, such as to exciting startups across dozens of niches. As a website owner, Woocommerce can be taken as best compromise between usability, cost and security. In fact, they are downright glowing. Images can be uploaded quickly and it has the capability to manage massive amount of data. Official marketplace: PrestaShop has an official marketplace for themes and commercial modules. This free version is actually a basic solution with only standard features to run a medium sized store but not with advanced functionalities. If you are on a low budget and looking to have a standard online store with some decent features to give an online exposure for your business, Prestashop E commerce development has proved a good choice. If you’re still considering PrestaShop vs WooCommerce, have a look at the pros and cons of PrestaShop: Pros of PrestaShop. PrestaShop is highly flexible, scalable and customisable; It’s free to download and use; It has an abundant marketplace for plugins Not all shopping solutions are built to perfection and have disadvantages or limitations when compared to counterparts. Here let us have a look at the most important pros and cons of Prestashop E commerce development. Also, it is very light at 5.5 MB, so even users with a slow internet connection will enjoy deploying PrestaShop. Also you can have more in the store with its latest upgrade to Prestashop 1.7 that features enhanced product configuration and improved back office navigation. Are Negative Backlinks Hurting Your Online Store? Pros and Cons of 1.5 with multistore. PrestaShop is an open source, efficient and innovative e-commerce solution. HOWEVER, adding several modules can be pricey – they aren’t cheap! If you are looking forward to PrestaShop store development, then this article will help you with an insight into the pros and cons of the same. Pros. Here let us have a look at the pros of Prestashop website development that should be taken into consideration before going for it. Depending on the varying business needs, the shopping cart website using Prestashop can be easily customized. PrestaShop also boasts AJAX-rich features and other web 2.0 innovations. There is nothing to worry about fraud or time delay when using their payment options such as PayPal and Google Checkout. The overall convenience to operate throughout the store is always an upfront giving way for only negligible technical jargon. Additionally, PrestaShop is quite active on its Twitter and Facebook pages. This includes free promotional tools including coupons and vouchers, automation of Email follow-up and user convenient features such as ‘recently viewed products’, returns management and order tracking. And operating from PrestaShop Cloud is a lot convenient in comparison to self hosting. Ecommerce x PrestaShop [ARCHIVE BOARD] Pros and Cons of 1.5 with multistore Sign in to follow this . So you want to start an online store, and you want to make sure it has the best features and design for your product? It is better for a small number of products store. October 25, 2017. The support pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the rich documentation with FAQs and user guide, are good enough to keep the system updated. Expensive modules: Most modules required for a fully functional shopping cart website are highly priced. PrestaShop is written in PHP, is highly customizable, supports all the major payment services, is translated in many languages and localized for many countries, and is fully responsive (both front- … Revenue for the 2013 was above $11.7 million, with 165,000 active online stores in 163 countries. And it has only limited options for cross sell products. Prestashop: Pros and Cons. Running the store on your device doesn’t require much system requirements. Of course, it’s not perfect, and PrestaShop attributes, modules and scalability will be developed further. Therefore it is important to weigh in both to help merchants make a rational decision. It’s open source which means it’s free, so it gives businesses flexibility and a low entry barrier to build an eCommerce store. You can set it up and modify any way you want. It has less administration costs when compared to Prestashop and Magento. Differences between the platforms are more clear when presented visually. Pros. Technical jargon is kept to a minimum with most of the emphasis on ease of use and clarity. The store runs efficiently with just a stable operation system such as Linux, UNIX or Windows and PHP 5.2, MySQL 5. Redbytes - Mobile App Development Company. PrestaShop Ads: This is a service that allows you to access better results from your marketing and lead generation strategies. Though buying modules isn’t mandatory for setting up the store. Know How. It is one of the few eCommerce platforms that we believe has great potential. Poor design attributes: The default skin and product catalogue needs improvement: they are not as professionally designed as compared with a solution like Magento, which in our taste is more robust and intuitive. Nowadays, online selling is known to be the biggest trend in business since most shoppers prefer to buy via the Internet rather than visit a physical store because it is more convenient. But then it went all down the tube. It’s kinda like MagentoConnect for Magento users. Cost: One of the best parts of using PrestaShop is that it is free to use with no transaction or monthly fees. If you have had any previous experience with a web host, you know how easy it is to initially ignore the customer service factor. You can unlock hassle-free shopping ads campaigns that are linked with Google search. Thanks for asking. Prestashop is an open source shopping cart website that can be owned free of cost. Positive Consumer Reviews and Testimonials. In order to help users make their best choice, they are divided into categories according to the topic, the language of the store, included functionalities, developers, reviews, … Shopify is a superb solution for the US, but within Germany or even Europe-wide Shopify is just too weak and alien for brisk competition. Prestashop. I'm about to migrate from Shopify to PrestaShop. WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla vs Magento vs Prestashop: Pros and Cons What is WordPress? You can also customize the code for your needs. Step By Step Guide Inside! A few more built-ins would definitely be a welcome. Let’s take a look. On a daily basis, I have the privilege of working with business owners refining, redeveloping, marketing or launching their online stores. Reliable and user friendly payment gateways are another important attractive feature of using Prestashop shopping cart solution. Prestashop was introduced in 2007, it has gained popularity along with fully fledged Prestashop Ecommerce development solutions over the past decade. You will have to buy additional modules to meet your advanced needs but need to spend a pretty sum. If there is any shopping cart that could give Magento (the leading eCommerce software solution) a run for its money, PrestaShop is that shopping cart indeed. Communication was great, basically we were part of a team that cared. This add ons include solutions for gateways for payments, marketing, and design/display. It offers dozens of themes with customizations providing on it. Its community is one of the biggest and consists of over 350,000 members. PrestaShop is one of the popular shopping cart software out there and one we have experience with here at Supercell Media. Project was founded in 2005 in Paris, France and grows very fast. All you need is a stable shared hosting plan. Unlike its counterparts, there is no need for a license fee to establish an e-store. It is opensource, free and easy to install and use. The administrator can add or delete any of the integrated functionality through the admin panel. Therefore it is important to weigh in both to help merchants make a rational decision. Out of the box features: PrestaShop boasts some impressive features straight out of the box, such as: Lightweight and flexible: PrestaShop can be easily customised according to the preferences of the store owner. 274 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more. Prestashop is based in Paris, France and we see it as a European ‘answer’ to Magento. Prestashop comes with a pretty decent design to run a start up or low budget store but not good enough for large scale stores. What do you think? You can contact PrestaShop from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST, and submit a message via a contact form after hours. Number of comunity members is over 1,000,000 worldwide. This is a great option for merchants looking to start up a new online venture with minimal investments. And while it takes a comparatively small percent of the eCommerce market (9% compared to 33% borrowed by WooCommerce), it has a set of unique features that are highly valued by its users. They are the paid nature of the modules being developed and what not every online store owner can afford, but if to judge logically, every business requires investments, so be prepared. Future of Java – How Long Java Will Survive? If you’re wondering about the pros and cons are then I got you covered. TL;DR PrestaShop is one of the smaller ecommerce platforms at the time of writing. The figures are amazing. Particularly if you consider that PrestaShop has only been around about half of the time Magento has. InMotion Hosting Pros and Cons. Compare PrestaShop vs Shopify. The PrestaShop marketplace has over 3000 high-standard templates and themes. Pros of PrestaShop. Since the file itself is so small there won’t even be a question about slowing down of website and as a result, users can benefit from faster search options. Pros and Cons of WooCommerce.  You can also have a trial version before signing up to the original version for most of the platforms. Hey guys, happy to back again for now i’m gonna post about the pros and cons about the responsive web design, maybe i already gave to you the pros and cons in other post but now i will discuss more detail the pros and cons about responsive web design.. Well we must admit it, the breaktrough of this responsive web design and it’s media queries was greatly amazed us in making a … Share your thoughts and experience and we will see you in the comments below. If you don´t have any programming skills, you can choose templates, auto backup, auto-upgrade and you will be fine, with no cost. The convenience of handling the store with a user friendly interface is the key advantage of Prestashop shopping solution. You can check out FAQs and online user guide. There is a disputable issue among PrestaShop opponents and advocates. Minimum scalability: PrestaShop is suitable for small to medium sized businesses, but creates doubt when it comes to a full scale shopping store. Open source. Do you use Prestashop? Pros – Prestashop also open-sources eCommerce platform which is completely free and give flexibility and speed. Customers also face upgrading issues that reflect negatively on the software itself. At this moment of time Prestashop has managed to provide an e-commerce platform for 1.25 lakh stores word-wide. 22 in-depth PrestaShop reviews and ratings of pros/cons, pricing, features and more. The company backing the software expects international expansion after recently securing $9.3 million in venture capital from Private Equity, XAnge, Seventure Partners and Serena Capital. Of course, not all e-commerce solutions are perfect and will have some demerits or flaws along with impressive features and so is the case of Prestashop. PrestaShop users can also add a personal touch to their online stores by adding modules such as. Moreover, secure transactions are assured through SSL protocol system. Users find it easy to set up the store, and they appreciate the feature-rich design. Somos una agencia de diseño y programación web specializada en el desarrollo de páginas webs corporativas en WordPress y tiendas WooCommerce y PrestaShop. The PrestaShop software is open-source, so it is free to download and use. Let's start with PrestaShop… PrestaShop Pros 👍 PrestaShop is free to download and install, and once you're all set up, you could face minimal recurring costs; PrestaShop's open-source nature allows … Prestashop used to be great for the first few years The US. Management and employees cared for each other and everyone was honest with one another. The design and features of your store are the key elements, which will determine the success of your store. PrestaShop vs Shopify: Their Pros and Cons. Its lack of multi-store feature is a major drawback when setting up a full-scale project. Out of the box features: PrestaShop boasts some impressive features straight out of the box, such as: Pros and cons of PrestaShop. However, the options available to you are greatly dependent on the eCommerce platform you choose to setup your shopping cart website. Pros. Their main difference is the size of target ecommerce business. Being a completely open source platform, PrestaShop allows both the developers and merchants to create sites that can be customized in numerous ways. PrestaShop, as well as Shopify, offers merchants a great variety of themes and templates to choose from. Promotional tools such as vouchers and coupons, International shipping (multiple shipments, multiple addresses, etc. Sales were doing great and the company was growing. No free plan; Limited customization and web design tools; A limited number of app integrations; 2. Why Choosing The Right Shopping Cart Solution Is Important For Your Online Store. Unlike other shopping solutions that has official support teams to deal with any mishaps; no official team is there to help you out with Prestashop. This is really helpful in effortless management and maintenance of the store. PrestaShop’s active community is reachable in the forum and issues can be reported to a bug tracker. Pros. The statistics system for PrestaShop, compared to Magento, is unfavourable, as well. You can choose from over 3,500 modules and themes to enhance your PrestaShop eCommerce store experience. What is the Use of Python and PHP While Creating an E-commerce Website? On the other hand, if you prefer a fully-fledged store with advanced features for a large scale project, you can have a look at other alternatives. There is a disputable issue among PrestaShop opponents and advocates. There is no technical brilliance needed to operate an e-store using this shopping solution. Sad but true. PrestaShop is a free open-source eCommerce solution that is used by over 125,000 active store owners. Even when the complete support is available for only English and French, the website can be easily translated to around 40 to 45 languages. And finally, Prestashop’s bubbling community and expansive module and theme marketplace help to round off the product quite nicely indeed. It is FREE and easy to use. InMotion Hosting Pros. Despite this advanced functionality, the platform is lightweight, speedy and easy to use. Both are pretty popular choices and provide you with a ton of customization options. The availability of 25000+ plugins plays the key part in building a fully functional store with ease. Needs more focus on marketing: No opportunity to input attributes and cross sell products – options which are typically available in other eCommerce platforms. Previous post: Uncovering Your Doubts and Objections about Outsourcing, Next post: How I Went From 80 Hours a Week to 2 Hours and Grew my Business 700%. ... PrestaShop: eCommerce Platform’s Pros and Cons. This free software for online store can be an asset to improve the online exposure of your business with multi-vendor support but with limited benefits for large or complex projects. With the need of only minimal investment and a fewer resources, you can set up an online store in a minimal time frame. How to Choose An eCommerce Hosting Company by Learning From Our Experience, 7 Reasons Why You Should use Magento for Your eCommerce Store, How Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails Can Bring In 1000’s of Dollars In Revenue (Part 2). Let’s start by taking a look at what the pros are. It is designed to help people build a functioning online store. Prestashop Can Benefit Your Online Store With Its Features. It means that it is free to download. Well, if you're asking for choosing one ecommerce platform over the other to create a simple ecommerce websites, so let me tell you that whatever you choose but your e-commerce portal must be simple. This shopping website is a great solution for small to medium sized stores but not so great when your business is looking to expand. Uncovering Your Doubts and Objections about Outsourcing, How I Went From 80 Hours a Week to 2 Hours and Grew my Business 700%, How to Protect Your eCommerce Store from Online Scams & Hackers, Pros and Cons of Using PrestaShop for eCommerce, 5 Types Of Customer Behavior on Online Stores, How to Find HOT Products to Sell Online Which are Guaranteed to Make You Money, Top 6 Australian Million Dollar Online Stores. PrestaShop cart is also multilingual and is available in 41 languages, and counting. Setting up a fully functional online store is just a few steps away. WordPress is the most widely used content management system written in the PHP and uses the MySQL database, but there is no need to learn to code for building your website using this CMS. Interface: PrestaShop’s interface is highly appealing; not only it is innovative, but it gives you the ability to operate through every bit and bob of your online storefront, effortlessly. Also, it doesn’t have a multi-store feature, which is a major handicap for full-scale projects. Prestashop was introduced in 2007, it has gained popularity along with fully fledged Prestashop Ecommerce development solutions over the past decade. ). Why? As the director of sales and marketing at Supercell Media, a huge part of my everyday life is in creating tailored solutions for online store owners and marketers. After all, a wise decision is not to go after a platform with a higher rating but to choose the one that suits your exact business purpose. Being an open source software, it can be utilised by tight and even non-existent budgets (with some coding skills). The quicker processing and easy navigation throughout the website has added to its amazing user experience. Pros and Cons of Prestashop E-commerce Development Miscellaneous, Prestashop, Uncategorized. ), Payments (payment extensions, card options etc. Cons. I also has a wide range of add-ons to complement what you're looking for. As you can see, both platforms have their pros and cons, but they both are a good choice. Read the latest user opinions and reviews for PrestaShop - Free Ecommerce Software, free research services | Review, compare PrestaShop - Free Ecommerce Software. So what are the pros and cons of this particular software you ask? Community and support: PrestaShop has cultivated an active user community. Nevertheless, it offers a lot of beneficial features along with low startup costs, enabling you to take any business online. You just need to download the file on your gadget from their official website. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with PrestaShop? You can find the latest release of the software at the PrestaShop official webpage. Personalizing particular areas of your store can be done with complete flexibility during Prestashop website development Service. 3dcart is ideally suited to accommodate practically any size business and makes it easy to integrate third-party programs. The dashboard is sleek, modern and easy to use. Taking into account that it appears only in 2007, it is gaining its popularity very fast. Compare Shopify and PrestaShop. In addition to all these significant options, Prestashop is also designed to offer some out of the box features. Prestashop Cloud is totally free and cloud-hosted, and that’s nothing short of epic. PrestaShop makes e-commerce more accessible to more places worldwide by empowering retailers all around the globe to make localized and customizable e-commerce stores easily. With enough demographic assistance, the stores using Prestashop are running successfully across USA, UK, India, Canada, China, Germany, and Japan. Consumer reviews of 3dcart are overwhelming positive. PrestaShop allows you to open an online shop. Followers 4. Customer Support. It’s a freemium open source ecommerce platform that allows you to create a very capable website. What’s more, you get some extra Google Ads credit for your campaigns when you first sign up. The design lacks a professional touch even when it serves the basic functions. I use Prestashop for more than five years for my small side business eshop. Pros: Prestashop is a wonderful solution for creating a fully personalized e-commerce website. Deploying PrestaShop is not a big deal for even users that have only a slow internet connection as it is light with less than 6MB in size. So what are the pros and cons of this particular software you ask? What make Prestashop stand apart from competitors are reliable online shopping solutions and amazing user experience. The store can run on a shared hosting web service making it a great option for those merchants looking to start a new venture with budget constraints. PrestaShop is a self-hosted open-source solution for building an online shop. Compare PrestaShop to alternative eCommerce Platforms. The support for multiple languages and currencies has made its localisation process simple. In short, PrestaShop is proving itself to be a notable adversary in the eCommerce arena. The base version itself offers all the features of a fully functional store. It provides great SEO options with advantages of URL rewriting, Google sitemaps. You can add or delete features of the store to make it suitable for your business type. Themes and Templates. Magento’s 17 On Page SEO Tricks to More Traffic! The installation of the software is a very simple process. What Are PrestaShop Pros and Cons? Now let’s move on to the minuses, or to be more precise, to the only minus for the moment PrestaShop. Get demos, trials and quotes PrestaShop Review: Design and Templates However, many of the Prestashop users are not considering this as a drawback as there is an active user community with over 700,000 members who are always out with a hand of assistance. By OC2PS, July 23, 2011 in Ecommerce x PrestaShop [ARCHIVE BOARD] Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Special deals including gift coupons and discounts. A user with minimal technical know-how can handle the website with ease, so maintaining the website is most of the time hassle free. A pretty decent store can be set up without giving a thought about transaction or monthly fees with this web based e-commerce solution. Cons. Many of the features that come built in with its counterparts are not available with this open source platform. PROS: PrestaShop is a popular choice of the platform meant for start-ups and established entrepreneurs. Some users also complain about a poorly designed statistics system and about upgrading issues. Prestashop is often called a solution for merchants who outgrown OpenCart. Currency and languages: PrestaShop supports multiple currencies, giving your customers the option to buy products with their national currency. Above all, Prestashop’s one-page checkout process considerably speeds up the product purchase. When you are planning to set up an online store for your business, you have to take a deeper dig into its pros and cons. Recommended Posts.

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