Book Recommendation: The Book of Leaves: A Leaf-by-Leaf Guide to Six Hundred of the World’s Great Trees. Also known as Love Lies Bleeding, this plant has exotic looking foliage and tassels that are often blood-red in color. The stem is known for having a “swollen neck.”  It is a hardy, drought resistant plant that blooms during the summer months. When planted, they add beauty to our garden. While most plants have green leaves, some varieties do have golden foliage. The root can be used as a substitute for coffee, and leaves and flowers can be eaten. Another set includes just the pictures if you’d like to do a review or a matching game. Blossoms are purple or white. The plants form leafy stems and come in sizes from dwarf to large with a huge variety of flower shapes. The array of colors is vibrant and impressive and come in all shades and hues except blue. The leaves are evergreen, and the plant tolerates heavy shade. Johnny Jump Ups are small and delicate flowers that are bright purple and yellow. Broom or Cytisus is a deciduous plant that develops whippy stems. When gifted on birthdays, they bring smile. Members of the mustard family, these plants smell sweet. The leaves should be picked when small, so they are still sweet. However, it is well worth the wait. The white flowers have yellow throats, and the plant does well between getting full sun and partial shade. They need to have full sun to grow well, and they require high humidity and medium amounts of maintenance. The Pincushion Flower or member of the Scabiosa genus, which is an herbaceous perennial. Coreopsis is a plant that blooms over an extended period of time, generally summer into fall, with some plants flowering as early as the spring. Blooms appear in mid-spring and droop from tall stems. The soil needs to be kept moist but not soggy. Flowers vary in color and formation depending on the variation. In actuality, waterlilies are anchored on by fleshy stems buried deep in the mud of ponds or ornamental garden pools. The Matthiola or Brompton stock is a plant with flowers with a sweet scent. They bloom between July and August, and the plants have a characteristic appearance. amzn_assoc_asins = "1559716282"; The genus was named in honor of the physician to Louis XIII, Charles Bouvard. The blooms are clusters of small white daisy-like flowers that are produced during the summer. Each tree belongs to a plant family. The Sweet William or Dianthus barbatus plant is a colorful flower with large, rounded flower heads. The plant produces beautiful trumpet-shaped clusters of brilliant yellow flowers that hang from the end of branches. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; The flowers may be white, red, purple, or pink, and the plant tends to be semi-dormant during the winter months. It needs full sun. The plants tend to live for long periods of time, and the different cultivars may have foliage that is green to blue in color. The Knautia plant is a perennial that hails from Central Europe. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_asins = "1925418634"; The flowers appear solitary “cuplike” blossoms floating among green waxy leaves. This perennial plant is native to areas of southern North America and Central America, including Mexico and Belize. The Hollyhock is also known by its scientific name, Alcearosea. These plants can be made to become a perennial if you prevent the plant from blooming when it first sets buds. Azaleas belong to the family of rhododendrons and come in a wide range of colors. Find the perfect Flower Leafs stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Flower Leafs of the highest quality. Between the successive flowers, a wavy leaf cuts the stem of the feather-shaped flower. They are one of the most frequently found spring wildflowers. Simply jump to each specific flower using the table of content below. The flower blossoms are mauve to purple and have a vanilla fragrance, with the plant blooming between summer and fall. The Flaming Katy or Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is most commonly used as a potted plant in gardens. The Dandelion is a commonly found plant throughout the world. They produce a plume of flowers that blossom between May and June. The plant can also be found in a white form. They grow from bulbs and do well in gardens left undisturbed or in container gardens. The entire plant is covered in small, soft, white hairs that give it its texture, and the plant can be a large plant or small shrub. Soapwort is a perennial member of the carnation family and is also called Wild Sweet William, soap weed, bouncing-bet, and crow soap. It is a member of the holly family and originates in the eastern parts of North America. The Clarkia plant is also known as farewell to spring. amzn_assoc_linkid = "39ae6442b932b800de495890e1315225"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thepayathomep-20"; Numerous species exist, but the most commonly grown is the Aster novi-belgii, with blue, violet, pink, or white flowers, to mention a few colors it comes in. Winter Jasmine is also known as Jasminum nudiflorum. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The plant has a thin taproot that forms a long stalk. Plants come in a variety of sizes and produce flowers from singles to doubles, to crested. This plant is an herbaceous perennial that grows up to 1 foot high and 3 feet wide. Silene is a perennial member of the Caryophyllaceae family, nicknamed campion or catchfly. Leaves are waxy and appear frosted. The Blue-eyed Grasses belong to the genus Sisyrinchium. Have you ever picked up a leaf and wondered what type of tree it fell from? The mountain laurel plant is also known as Kalmia. Take heed though, while the ruffed grouse eats this berry, it is toxic to humans. Lotus flower originating from Southern Asia and Australia has a lot of symbols such as beauty, purity, richness, serenity, elegance, wealth, and fertility. A desert plant that thrives on the heat of summer, this plant produces bright blue flowers. The foxtail lily or Eremurus is a stately flower, the tallest of which is Eremurus robustus. Colors include blue, pink, white, and yellow. These plants are similar to daisies but have bright yellow-orange flowers with a black center. They make excellent cut flowers and are used in many flower displays or grown for their decorative usage as a potted plant. These are long-lived plants that typically flower between fall and spring, with blooms that are white, pink, crimson, or derivatives of these colors. The Fairy Fan Flower is also helpful in butterfly … Blooms typically come in shades of yellow and brown. The Helichrysum is also known as the strawflower. It is a popular flower bed and hanging plant due to vine-like growth. Berries are food for wildlife. The foliage is short, and the flowers are small and goblet-shaped. You’ll find everything from common favorites like roses and tulips, to exotic plants and flowers.Find the flower names below, along with a brief description, a photo and some guidance … Elder is a Sambucus species that is referred to as elder or elderberry. While tall forms of the plant can reach approximately 30 inches, the dwarf forms are less than a foot tall. A relative of the rose, these plants have lovely foliage, and the flowers bloom between spring and summer. Monk’s Hood or Monkshood plant belongs to the genus Aconitum. It is resistant to deer and grows best in sandy soil and full sun. You can grow them for cut flowers or use them in containers or bedding. These flowers are great in cut flower arrangements or in the garden or as a container plant. Ornamental varieties produce rounded flowers in several colors, including rosy purple. The plant should be pruned regularly, and the plant may get to 15 feet high. The Cosmos is a perennial flower that delights the eye with a simple daisy-type flower and a pleasant, wispy foliage. Chenopodium. The stems have small, green leaves, and the plants produce clusters of white flowers. Honeysuckle or lonicera is a popular plant that can be trained to climb doors or fences. Considered in many areas throughout the Midwest and the world, this plant is considered a noxious weed and measures are taken to prevent it from spreading. These plants grow one to two feet tall, and they need full sun to grow well. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; The flowers are long-lived even after being cut, so they make great additions to cut flower arrangements. Many of these plants hail from South Africa and need a warm climate to thrive. The flowers bloom from early summer until the first frosts of the year. There are different species of flowers, and many of them are white, while others may be a carmine pink color. They range in height from a few inches off of the ground to over 5 feet tall and needing to be staked. Zenobia is a semi-evergreen shrub that grows in the southeastern United States. 297,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. The Iris is a plant that grows from a bulb or rhizome, depending on the species. The Rain Lily, a member of the Zephyranthes genus, is a plant that grows from bulbs. While the leaves are bitter, there are culinary uses, such as making a tea from the stems, leaves, and flowers. The Fall Crocus is also known as meadow saffron or Colchicum autumnale. Marigolds are hardy annuals that are simple to grow from seeds and that develop strong bloomers with varying tones of yellow and orange. The plant is often only three inches off of the ground but may spread to two feet. There are a variety of cultivars that produce flowers in bright golden, orange-red, and copper-red blooms. Regular pruning is not needed for these plants. The flowers are bright and funnel shaped, with most blossoms a pink or magenta color. The Olearia plant hails from New Zealand, and it is a bushy, flowering shrub. Blooming lasts from the middle of summer to relativity late in the season. The flowers are showy and popular with beginning gardeners, and the blossom colors may be white to pink to purple. They need full sun and make excellent cut flowers. The flower spikes often droop, with pink or red bracts that have green or blue flower petals. It blooms between May and the first frost, and the blossoms may be a light blue to a violet blue. The Candytuft plant is also known as iberis. The Peony or Paeonia is a lovely and fragrant flower. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Statice is a member of the Limonium which contains at least 120 flowering species. The plant produces flowers that are white, but you will find that some flowers are blushed with pink. The Urn Plant, also known as Silver Vase, originated in the rain forests of South American, and they are members of the bromeliad family. The leaves are green but may be cream-flushed. The blooms are red, and the plant tends to be pretty low maintenance, attracting birds and butterflies. The plants have beautiful rosettes that have satiny foliage. Rather than being related to roses, this plant is related to periwinkles and oleander. They are hardy but need full sun to grow. These come in a range of different types, with some being raised from seed, while others may be bought as already growing plants. The native range of the Frangipani Flower is between Mexico and Panama. The New Zealand Tea Tree is an evergreen plant known by the scientific name, Leptospermum scoparium. They do well being planted underneath trees in the shade. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Flower Leaf Pattern. Allium is a family of plants that includes onions, chives, and garlic. Flowers open as showy pure white 4-petaled flowers. These plants have spires of yellow flowers that bloom during the summer. The plant is a perennial that develops a sturdy, mat-type ground cover. There is just one species in the genus, and the flowers produced are bell shaped. On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of flower names starting with each letter of the alphabet. These fragrant flowers come in a range of colors including white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple and some include markings such as spots or brush strokes. It’s native range is throughout parts of northern North America and northern Eurasia. They have white or ivory flowers that bloom seasonally. Winterberry is an excellent plant for bird gardens and natural gardens. Daphne is a lovely plant often grown for its fragrant blooms. While the flowers don’t store well when picked, the leaves can be picked and processed for medicinal and culinary uses, such as adding it to summer drinks or making a tea from the leaves. They don’t spread much, only about half a foot at most, and you grow them from a bulb. Woolly Violets are Viola sororia are short herbal perennial wildflowers that bloom early in the spring. I'm a mom of one rambunctious 5-year-old son and infant daughter sharing tips to help make your life just a little bit easier as a parent. Native to North America, Woolly Violets are often found near the edges of woods or fields and grow close to the ground with flat leaves. They will also self-seed readily. The foliage makes a fringe around the flowers and may act like a veil. Flower Impala Lily. The flower is relativity small, a yellow bloom marked with 2 lips. They flower best when planted in an area of full sunlight. Zinnias are treasured as cut flowers and as landscape plants. It tends to be fast growing and is a hardy plant but needs full sunlight. They are very easy to grow and can be trained to be bonsai trees. 322 311 23. Flowering occurs beginning in July and continuing into September. 242 320 24. The bulbs tend to be easy to care for. Evening Primrose is a Oenothera plant. Lavender Flowers Purple. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; The Sweet Pea plant is also known as Lathyrus. These plants produce double blooms oftentimes, and the petals feel like straw, hence the name. They tend to be easy to grow, making them great plants for beginning or master gardeners alike. They need full sunlight to grow well, so the gardens that you plant them in should not have shade over the areas you want your Goldenrods to grow. Verbena is a tuberous perennial that brings life to pots, flower gardens and borders, with vibrant colors including blue, purple, pink, blue, and red. The plant does well in full sun to partial shade, and while they do well in some zones, you should dig up the rhizomes in cold climates to overwinter them. The flowers are most commonly white but also come in pink or rose colors. This plant produces white flowers with yellow and blue markings. Samantha earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and a B.S. The plants have delicate, scented, blue blossoms, although there are cultivars with white or pink flowers that are not as popular. They bloom between May and June, and the blooms are periwinkle blue in color. Due to a pleasing strong fragrance, the flowers are also used in perfume, treasured as cut flowers and in borders. These cacti flower profusely and are typically rounded, although you may find some that are column-shaped. Hellebores go by other names, such as the Lenten or Christmas rose, as they flower in mid-winter or early spring. Bergamot aka: Bee Balm Scarlet Beebalm Scarlet Monarda Oswego Tea Crimson Beebalm The flowers of this plant feature a checker box pattern, and they bloom from bulbs. Clematis is a popular climbing plant, and there are over 200 species, with countless hybrids and cultivars. There are three distinct species of butterfly bushes, with the most common as the deciduous Buddlejadavidii. The herb has yellow flowers and grows wild. It blooms between July and September, and the flowers are burgundy. Once planted, they are known for establishing themselves quickly in the first season and are capable of blooming from spring until the fall. Another member of the Ipomoea genus, it can grow 10 feet tall. Tithonia is native to Mexico, Central America and parts or the American Southwest. There is a wide selection of colors, from solid colors to bicolor to doubles. The flowers usually number a dozen or so blossoms on each spike. … The plants come in different heights, which may make a difference in your garden. The plant is also known as the star magnolia because of its flower shape. The flowers may be single or double, and there are dwarf varieties that do well in small gardens. Bulbs do best their first year. Gerbera Flowers are also referred to as transvaal daisies. Scaevola also goes by the name of Fairy Fan Flower. Seeds are so tiny that they require being pelleted in order to be visible. Established plants from clumps. No need to register, buy now! The plant produces spikes of flowers at the top of each stem, which may be blue-violet, pink, or white. The plant is a food source for honey bees. Don’t forget to bookmark the entire slideshow of all 76 leaves (there are too many to fit into one post!). These flowers make good cut flowers and are fragrant, so make a great addition to potted plants right outside your door. Can you name the trees that these leaves belonged to by their images? Both the flower and the leaves are edible and reportedly have a “peppery” appeal. You can use this list of leaf types to facilitate an outdoor scavenger hunt, a classroom presentation, or for your own personal learning. The Poinsettia plant is a common flower used to decorate homes at Christmas. It can grow two feet high but tends to not spread far. These small plants are generally less than a foot tall and are classified as hardy annuals. Some Statice varieties have a foul odor. Some of the leaves, while green throughout much of the year, turn reddish in the fall. Indoor houseplants pictures with names for identification. These plants come in many species and cultivars, with a range of colors, from multi-hued to single, showy colors such as white or black. Some cultivars exist with yellow flowers and cream stripes in the foliage. It is a shrub usually around 7 feet tall (but which can grow to over 15 feet tall) that features starry white flowers between March and April. There are two major classes of this plant, there are dwarf varieties and tall climbing varieties. One example is the arrowhead viburnum or Blue Muffin plant, which produces white blooms between May and June. It originated in China as a deciduous shrub, growing 10 to 15 feet. They prefer full sun but will also grow in areas with light shade. A seasonal bloomer, they may appear in red, yellow, and white flowers. Erigeron is a herbaceous perennial that is also known as Robin’s plantain. Some flowers are multi-colored, with a base color and contrasting throat; the most common colors are red, pink, purple, white, and blue. Some of the varieties grown spread runners and flowers include attractive florets that give the garden different shades of colors as they mature. Queen Anne’s Lace is a member of the carrot family, and it is a wildflower and herb. Freesias are highly regarded for their distinct fragrance and their beautiful flowers. The Lavatera also goes by the name of the annual mallow. The plant creeps low and the stems will put down roots as they spread. They tend to be easily grown plants, found in bright colors such as orange, red and yellow. 23,014 Free images of Flower Leaf. They do tend to be high maintenance flowers though. They grow well in borders. Starflowers (also known as Trientalis borealis or Lysimachia borealis) are perennials that grow from skinny rhizomes and are a part of the Primrose flower family. Aconite is a poisonous plant that is beautiful, which brings many people to plant it in their gardens. The rockrose plant produces blossoms between May and June, and the blossoms are pale pink or yellow in color. The plant is commonly used as a medicinal herb to treat issues such as indigestion. Besides being ornamental in nature, the sweet-smelling foliage is evergreen and can be dried and used in sachets and potpourris. Being only about 8 inches in height, it grows in clumps or clusters and spreads well. Decorative Floral. Leaves are short and appear like swords. Some even have feathering on the petals. The plants produce scarlet or orange berries. Embellishment Drawing. The catmint or catnip herb is a perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. One set includes both the leaf pictures and names, while a second set features the leaf names only. Sunflower Summer Yellow. There are many different species of Laelia, and many of these plants come from Central and northern South America. It is a hardy annual that most people find easy to grow. They enjoy either full sunlight or dappled sunlight, such as in beds with shelter from trees. It is an evergreen perennial that can be found in nature throughout northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Here are all the purple flower names for reference. Sage is both an herb and a perennial plant. The flowers come in an array of colors, from pink to lime green and may release a pleasing scent. The plant can be easily grown by sowing seeds directly into the ground. The Fairy Fan Flower is also helpful in butterfly gardens. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; The plants have upright stems with roughly star-shaped purple-red flowers. While these are not a long-lived plant, they are relatively easily grown from seeds and prefer some shade. The flower for an extended period of time, and they make a good border plant or addition to your container garden. Blooming in the early days of April, on a 3 to 6 inch stem, appear green leaves and vivid blue bell flowers with matching anthers. In some places, Valerian is considered an invasive weed and is not allowed to be planted. Also known as Yellow Elder, yellow bells, and ginger-thomas, all belong to the Tecoma species. Triteleia is a bulb plant that originates in Western North America and is found primarily in California and Oregon. These plants range in height, with some flowers able to reach eight feet tall, while they spread to a mere three feet. Clover plants fall within a genus that is made up of around 300 species of flowering plants. Find the best free stock images about beautiful flowers. Saint John’s Wort has been used for treating mental health issues such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety issues. The plant is used in ornamental baskets and pots. Many free stock images added daily! The flowers are prized because they are fragrant and showy, and when cut, they make an excellent cut flower for your display. Originally these were solely a blue plant, but cultivars offer shades of pink, white, and red. This plant is from South Africa and is a succulent that forms a mat that spreads as it grows. There are many varieties and the purple coneflower is one of the popular ones. It is native to areas in Japan, Korea, and Northern China. These flowers bloom between June and September, with different species being different colors. The Viola is a typical border or potted flower that can be an annual or a perennial. They are a group of perennials with funnel or tubular shaped flowers. amzn_assoc_asins = "0792253108"; They attract pollinators such as butterflies. Saint John’s Wort is a perennial flowering herb, native to Europe and Asia. Flowers tend to be crowded on the stem. The foliage is evergreen, while the flowers , which rise above the foliage, can be red, pin, or white, depending on the cultivar. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. It is a hardy perennial, and the plants typically bloom throughout the spring, although some will bloom during the winter. This plant features cone-shaped flowers in colors such as white or purple-red. They are good cut flowers and attract pollinators such as butterflies. The tip of the flower has a characteristic coloring of white and cerise. The plants grow on red stems resembling wands that grow up to 5 feet in height. Ornate flowers bloom during the middle of summer on top of 18 to 24-inch bare stems. The most common species is known as Queen’s Tears. It blooms profusely, and the plants are deciduous. Saint John’s Wort goes by a variety of names including Goatweed, Hypericum, and God’s Wonder Plant. The Wishbone Flower plants are also known as a summer pansy. Hydrangea produces large blooms of flowers, generally in broadly conical or mushroom-shaped clusters. They grow best during the spring and can grow well in rock gardens. The Oriental Lily belongs to the Liliaceae family of lilies. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Social RELEAF Challenge; RETAIL . The Epimedium plant is also known as the barrenwort, and it is a low-growing perennial. The repeating and continuous pattern consists of a feather-shaped flower and a star-shaped flower with five pointed petals on curved stems. They produce a berry or nutlike fruit. The Blazing Star plant is native to the American prairie. It is a member of the 15 species “cormous” perennial group. Lilies produce iconic trumpet-shaped flowers on their stems, usually producing multiple flowers on each stem. It is a member of the evening primrose family and attracts beneficial pollinators, such as butterflies and honey bees. These spread by runners and seeds, so take care that they don’t overtake the garden. The plant known as the Bachelor’s Button also goes by other names such as cornflower and Centaurea. The Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis, is a lovely flower. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; These are all half-hardy annuals. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; The flowers tend to be pink or white. The leaves are shiny and areas of new growth appear bronze in color while established leaves are yellowish-green. These plants tend to be easy to grow with either full sunlight or dappled shade. It produces spikes of white summer flowers, the most common color for these plants to blossom with. Floral Flower Leaf. 1, flower. Due to the large number of pictures on this flower foliage glossary, it may take a few minutes to load. They are a small tree, usually getting to around 3 to 6 feet. Impatiens are also known as Busy Lizzie. Ageratums are also known as the floss flower. By planting a combination of tulip varieties, they will provide a long lasting display in containers, borders, or gardens. Trumpet shaped flowers bloom in summer. You can also use the flowers to make a dandelion-based wine. The scent is similar to that of the hawthorn family of plants, and the plant gets to be at least 4 feet tall. The plants come in a range of colors, especially modern cultivars. Solidago or Goldenrod is a plant that can form large colonies of these bright yellow flowers. The Kangaroo Paw is the Anigozanthos plant, and it is a perennial from western Australia. Cape Leadwort, which is also called plumbago, is an evergreen climber. . The flowers grow in thickly clustered bunches with yellow colored flowers that are fragrant and called “pea flowers”. These plants are a great evergreen ground cover and have large, rounded leaves. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; She is an avid gardener. Species of Leucanthemum are commonly referred to as Shasta Daisies. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07SGFZW6Z"; The Kniphofia plant is also known as the red hot poker plant. They flower from May through September. This plant grows best in filtered sunlight rather than direct, and it should be sheltered from drying, hot winds. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Other names for Wedelia include Sphagneticolatrilobata, creeping daisy and rabbit’s paw. The flowers are unique, with their swept back and twisted petals. It is also known as Herman’s Pride, dummy nettle, and silver frost. Bluebonnets or Texas Bluebonnets, as many of them are, belong to the category of Lupins. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Other names include Indian-basket-grass, bear-grass, squaw-grass, and elk-grass which come from Natives using the leaf fibers for making baskets and clothing. The heather flower blooms are a rose to purplish pink color, and the plant grows well in full sun to partial shade. Butterflies and bees are attracted to the flowers which bloom during May and June. It should be grown in a shady area that is protected from cold winds for best results. The later name due to is variegated foliage. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; It isn’t very hardy and does better when it is protected, such as by a sunny wall. Nasturtiums are also known as Tropaeolums. The Decumaria plant is a climbing plant and a deciduous one. Native to eastern North America, the plant blooms between April and June. They need full sunlight to grow well, and their flowers can be 3 inches across. Trillium spreads quickly as a delightful groundcover. The Calceolaria or slipper flower is a plant best suited for indoor pots or containers. The A-Z of Garden Flowers. amzn_assoc_linkid = "ab5e278744cc046e5780dc7a3a90992d"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thepayathomep-20"; Agapanthus comes in a variety of colors and heights. It needs full sunlight but will bloom from June until the first frosts of fall. It is characterized by a quick-growing woody vine that can reach heights of 30 to 40 feet. These plants produce flowers that are fluffy and last for an extended period of time. Many are just as colorful and just as beautiful as flowers. Xyl, originating in Central and South America tropical regions, has a woody type stem with 3 leaves and grows from an “elongated pseudobulb”. The plant grows in full sun to partial shade, and it has an evergreen leaf. They make good cut flowers, and they can tolerate full sun to partial shade. The Euphorbia genus contains a large group of plants known as Spurge that are shrubs, annuals, perennials, and “subshrubs”. amzn_assoc_linkid = "58a22f7a7980be1f92c3f5480db6865e"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thepayathomep-20"; There are close to 50 species of these plants, which are largely native to Mexico and Central America. Many free stock images added daily! 6 plant species sharing the same common list of plant and flower names in flower names with their meanings pink flower bouvardia cut flowers. The Rock Rose (or cistus) is from Europe and Asia Minor. Traditional varieties produce reddish to bright orange flowers, highlighted with a deepening colored throat. Tiny green flowers appear between June and August, followed by dark berries in shades of blue to black. The Deutzia plant is a plant that is easy to grow. This plant tends to bloom in February through April where it grows best. These house plant and flower pictures are for identification purposes. Each plant blooms approximately 4 to 5 weeks and requires little tending. ADD TO CART. The most common color for these plants is yellow, with the bloom usually having two contrasting shades of yellow. It is relatively small, only growing to around 1 foot tall and wide. The flowers may be single or double. Dwarf varieties grow about 6 inches high, while taller varieties can be two feet high. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Some species even flower during winter. Flowers are precious beauty of nature, which gives expression to our emotions. Gardenias are a popular flower. The Wax Plant has long, skinny vines that sprout stocky, green roughed leaves. This post may contain affiliate links. These flowers attract pollinators such as hummingbirds and come in a range of heights, from two to eight feet tall. The plant gets to be 5 to 6 feet tall, and spreads to between 6 and 10 feet. Often grown as a component of alpine rock gardens, this plant can thrive in a wide range of regions across the United States, where it has become naturalized. It is low maintenance and requires full sun or partial shade to do well. The rounded leaves are covered in a silvery wool-like substance, and they produce small white flowers that have a pink tinge to them. The Tiger Flower is also known as tiger iris, Mexican shellflower and peacock flower. The Neoregelia plants are also known as blushing bromeliads or the heart of flame. Billbergia is an easily grown bromeliad, and they are often grown as houseplants. The blooms can be bicolors, as well as red, purple, and pink. The Echinops plant is also known as the globe thistle. They grow in wooden areas and fields, blooming in the cool temperatures of spring and early summer. They are commonly used as a cut flower in arrangements or grown as a border flower. The flower through spring and summer. The flowers are funnel-shaped and are pink or white. The flowers may be white, sky blue, or black and white and only grow up to 8 inches high. The plant has green leaves and flowers in either black or tones of gold and yellow. The plant has star-shaped flowers with a characteristic appearance from their protruding black anthers. There are several plants that go by this name, including ones native to eastern North America and ones native to Europe. From Southern Africa, these plants do well in full sun to medium shade and are considered pretty low maintenance. Some produce yellow-green flowers, and they can spread to form a large colony. You will find a range of colors for daylilies, and each plant tends to bloom repeatedly over an extended period of time. Flowers are characterized with a star-shape and a fragrant smell. They produce blue, white or pink flowers. They are a seasonal bloomer, and these plants produce a white bloom with a bluish blush. It is a sacred plant in areas of Asia, where it is native to. They are both easy to grow and make good cut flowers. These perennial plants bloom between July and the first frost, giving gardeners plenty of opportunity to enjoy the blooms. The Bouvardia plants are a genus of plants that belong to the Rubiaceae family. It produces a white flower that sits atop a slender stalk. The blooms feature rays of white petals around a central yellow disc. They need to be sheltered when growing outside, such as in a sheltered border. This evergreen climber produces long, pendulous red flowers, and it can reach heights of 15 feet. The flowers that bloom are a purple with a white throat between June and October, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. The Calendula plant is also known as a pot marigold or English marigold. The Cuckoo Flower produces loose clusters of white flowers, which have four white petals and tend to be rounded. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The Aster or the Michaelmas Daisy is a hardy perennial that blooms between late summer and fall. These plants come in a wide range, and they do well in different conditions including full sun or shade. The scapes can grow tall, often getting to be at least three feet high, making them a great addition to the back of flower beds. These are hardy plants and have been favored as “pass-alongs” for generations. The Heliotrope plant also goes by the name of cherry pie. These flowers bloom over a long period of time, which makes them a great border flower. these plants are easy to grow and can form large clumps of flowers in your garden. These plants are delicate and tender, growing best in sheltered gardens away from the cold frosts of northern climates. It is natively from the United States, and it can grow to almost 3 feet tall. The French Marigold belongs to the family of Tagetes plants. The plants are great for cut arrangements, but use caution with the seeds as they are poisonous. These are all related to the pea family, and they can be found in areas throughout the world except Australia and Southeast Asia. Some even have pale blue flowers at the top of the spike and dark blue at the bottom, providing a lovely contrast in your garden. You may find it in colors such as red to pastel pink. The Periwinkle is also by its scientific name as Vinca minor. This plant is native to North America and features a flower that looks similar to the poisonous plant known as hemlock. The Watsonia plant is a flowering herbaceous perennial that stems from southern Africa. Tea Roses are perennial shrubs that are known as the “modern garden rose”. These flowers have an extended bloom period, from April to the time of the first frost. The Flannel Flower is a plant native to Australia and New Zealand. (images) March 2020. The plants produce spires of long-lasting blooms. The Bellflower or campanula is a group containing several hundred species of annuals and perennials. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Waterlilies are members of 58 species of plants found growing in freshwater habitats in temperate and tropical climates. These perennials produce an abundance of attractive foliage. Other species have a waterfall of shoots with purple flowers or feature small clusters of orange balls on the evergreen plant. The plant produces blooms that are white, pink, and red, depending on the cultivar. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Native to the Canary Islands, the plant is a seasonal bloomer. They attract butterflies and do well with drought conditions. If you cut them down after flowering, you may get a second round of flowering. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Morning Glory is a vine that grows in moist but well-drained soils. The blooms appear without a stalk and are roughly disc-like. These annuals produce flowers in a range of colors, including bright oranges and pinks, and they may be single colors or a mixture of colors. Amaranth varies in flower, leaf, and stem color with a range of striking pigments from the spectrum of maroon to crimson and can grow longitudinally from 1 to 2.5 metres (3 to 8 feet) tall with a cylindrical, succulent, fibrous stem that is hollow with grooves and bracteoles when mature. It is characterized by leaflets containing 5 leaves with jagged or “toothed” edges. ADD TO CART. Printable Leaf Identification Activity Cards The flowers are often multicolored with “faces,” that can be yellow, purple, blue, and red. Feel free to explore our blog for more specific flower plants and how to care for them. Alchemilla is lady’s mantle, found throughout parts of America, Asia, and Europe. The main cultivar is known as Federation Star. They are tree-like succulents and can grown under a wide range of conditions, such as shade or full sun. It is often seen as a nuisance plant or weed, but it can be edible. The blooms produce pale violet rays that are arranged around a central yellow disc. The different species bloom between February and June, and they’re convenient flowers as they don’t typically need to be cut back regularly other than to keep the bushy plants tidy. Chenopodium olidum, or Wild Arrach, an herb. When grown outside, the plant needs full sunlight to grow. Wandflowers bloom in late spring and are known for a long blooming season. These plants are often hybridized, which has produced a bounty of different cultivars. The Ox Eye Daisy belongs to the genus Heliopsis. These flowers can grow to heights as tall as 4 feet, and they bloom between July and September. The plants do well even in poor soils and self-seed readily, so you might find yourself with plants springing up every year. They tend to have waxy-looking flowers, generally pure white. The stems can grow tall, with some towering over 6 feet tall. Free for commercial use High Quality Images This plant produces a cone-shaped center that is surrounded by pink petals. Bergamot is a relatively of mint plants and has a rather pungent and citrus-like flavor. They attract pollinators such as butterflies and come in a range of colors including reds and oranges. Overwintering them can be tricky in cooler climates and requires putting the plant into a dormant period. The flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and the plant tolerates rabbits and black walnut. There are several varieties, such as the Allegro variety, which is red orange in color. Daisies belong to the family Bellis and are perennials. The Daylily is not a true lily. Native to Mexico, the plant grows to heights of 4 inches characterized by vivid green leaves around the base and brilliant clusters of shiny white blossoms. The plant can be eaten, with such foods as elderflower win or elderberry jam and has medicinal uses. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; The cactus plants have varying amounts of spines, with some being covered and others having them sparsely. Floral Flower Leaf. Find images of Leafy. Xylobium, nicknamed Xyl, is a member of the Orchidaceae orchid family and has over 35 species. The flowers may be solid colored or a combination of colors such as red and yellow. The leaves of the plant are lance-shaped. The blooms are different colors, such as red. The plant has its flowers emerge directly from the corm, and the leaves don’t appear until later. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Varieties come in annuals, biennials, or perennials. The Black-eyed Susan is a type of coneflower that also goes by the name Rudbeckia. This flowering vine can grow to heights of 15 feet, and the vine produces white flowers between July and October. They have flower spikes that occur in cream, red, yellow, and orange shades. There are dwarf and taller varieties. Native to North America, this plant can mature into a shrub that grows to around 10 feet tall. L&F CBD Phyto-Molecular OIL 49,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. As a bonus, we share some of the common uses of each tree, like decoration, fuel, furniture, etc. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Flower And Leaf. List of flower names A to Z with pictures. The genus has annuals and perennials, and many feature the characteristic yellow flower that we picture upon hearing “buttercups,” but some are cream or red in color. They need well-drained soil to grow well, and they bloom between May and June. The Lady’s Slipper is a type of orchid. If you are about create a beautiful flower arrangement, cut the blossoms when the dusk comes to keep away from the bee visitors. According to Plant Management in Florida Waters (UF|IFAS), a leaf’s common name is the name that … is a place for moms like us to find kids activities, food for picky eaters, and parenting tips for young kids in all stages of life. Feverfew is a perennial flower that has aromatic and finely cut leaves. $35.00. This plant tends to be large, reaching 3 to 5 feet tall. The fragrance of a Coral Vine or Berberidopsiscorallina is a plant from Chile. The Rose of Sharon is also known as Hibiscus syriacus. This wildflower can range in size from 6 inches to 3 feet tall, and it has cup-shaped flowers that tend to range in color from pink to a deep red. It flowers freely, and the blossoms are white. The Crocus is one of over 80 species of flowers that generally bloom between late winter and spring. The Leaf Shapes ClipArt gallery offers 310 examples of the various shapes, margins, and arrangements of leaves. The Ice Plant is also known as Delosperma. Pictures of indoor house plants are in no particular order so scroll through and see if you can find your indoor … The plant can also be used ornamentally, with blue blooms in June. The flower produces blooms in a range of colors, including rose, orange, and white. While the foliage is blue-green, the flowers come in single colors and color combinations, including pink, blue and combinations of brighter shades. They bloom in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, and pink. The plant does best in partial shade, and it tends to grow well in moist soils. The Dietes plant is from southern and eastern Africa before it spreads in gardens around the world. Different species have different colored blooms, with such examples as lime-green flowers or mottled color flowers. Native to woodlands in Eurasia, they are harbingers of spring, often sprouting through frost covered ground. amzn_assoc_linkid = "96aa9ebd00363b3c9a2b49204ad20c37"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thepayathomep-20"; The flower heads can be white or a bright metallic blue color. Some species are climbers, such as the Hydrangea Petiolaris. The plant’s flowers are yellow-green and last from early summer into fall. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; These plants are hardy annuals that you can directly sow in the soil outdoors. It likes a sunny area although will tolerate partial shade. Rose Food Guide: How to Use The Best Fertilizer for Roses, Euphorbia Lactea (Dragon Bones Tree): Types, How to Grow and Care, Osmanthus Flower Types, How to Grow and Care, Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum Plant): Types, How to Grow and Care. There is only one species of Disa plant commonly cultivated. They are deciduous shrubs that can grow to a height of 10 feet, although they are commonly grown in plants. These plants prefer full sunlight to getting any shade. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; These plants are annuals that require sun to grow well. Ursinia is a member of the daisy family and is native to southern Africa. The plants are well adapted for containers and as border plants. It is a perennial bulb plant, also called Siberian Squill. These plants are long-lived and are one of the most hybridized plants in the entire world. Common and easy to grow types. In the fall, thick pods resembling bean pods appear and are spread by the wind. The species have different colors, and the Butterfly Blue species is lavender blue in color. The Queen of the Meadow is also referred to as meadowsweet, and these plants are considered a noxious weed in certain areas of the United States, so plant them with caution. The plant’s flowers are white to pale pink, and the plant needs full sun. Bergenia is also referred to as elephant’s ears. Uva Ursi is a hardy creeping ground cover that blooms during April and May. While yellow is the most common color, they occur in other colors, including pink and cream. These plants need full sun to grow rather than shaded areas. Stems are strong and straight. They need full sun to develop well. The common name of a leaf can change depending on your location. It blooms between June and July with delicate pink blooms. This plant grows from a bulb and is an excellent species to grow under deciduous trees or in drifts in the yard. Nierembergia is also known as the cupflower. The flowers have a bell shape and may be purple to magenta in color. They typically need full sun. They are easy to grow and are smaller relatives of the pansy. The Honesty plant or money plant also goes by the name Lunaria. The plant flowers from spring to summer in little clusters of cream to white or pink. The blooms are usually pale blue or purple but can also be white. The lilac is a family of flowers coming from Europe and Asia. The plant produces a variety of different colored flowers, including yellow, pink, and white flowers. Pink Tulip Bulb Field. The leaves are scalloped, and many times, you’ll find the leaves edged with a tinge of red. Violas have the unique ability to withstand cold temperatures. masuzi May 4, 2020 Uncategorized 0. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thepayathomep-20"; It is a red or yellow plant with bicolor features and generally a darker center. Large flower hybrids tend to be the most popular and flower during the summer, with a range of colors including purple, white, and red. The flowers produce three showy petals on the outside and three on the inside that are much smaller. Flowers grow resembling huge disc shapes on rough furry stems with layers spirals of course leaves. The Physostegia virginiana is also known as the obedient plant and is a fast-growing perennial. Flowers are pure white stars made up of 7 tiny petals growing on short to no stems with a circular grouping of 5 to 9 leaves. The plant is native to North American and is not long lived, often needing to be propagated every year, or at a minimum of every three years. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The Anemone is also known as the Windflower. The Tobacco Plant is also known as Nicotiana. The flowers appear in late summer and range in shades of pink to purplish red-pink. Flower Leaf Images With Names. Depending on conditions, the height of Zenobia ranges from 3 to 10 feet. The plants range from having dark green leaves to bronze tinged foliage. The flowers are typically a shade of blue or white or pale pink. They produce tubular flowers, with dwarf varieties and larger plants reaching 5 feet. It has tubular flowers that change color, and the nectar in the flowers attracts pollinators such as hummingbirds. Xerophyllum is a member of the lily family and can be grown from rhizomes or seed. This flower, which is the largest flower … Petals range depending on the species and can be tubular or even needle-like. Daffodils are one of the most common bulbs planted in the world. They are prized as exotic house plants. There are different species of Powder Puff, and they are native to Bolivia. amzn_assoc_linkid = "41d35c52a0f2d80b3a5a8b28b1081486"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thepayathomep-20"; We will continue fulfilling online orders. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and do well in containers such as hanging baskets. Plants range from 12 to 28 inches in height. Today wallflowers are grown for their ornamental beauty and simple charm. They bloom during cooler weather and are often found in cooler weather climes. They were developed by crossing rose varieties. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The Science Education Resource Center of Carleton College says that plants in the same family “have similar flowers, reproductive structures, other characteristics, and are evolutionarily related.”, Leaf venation “is the pattern of veins in the blade of a leaf. From the Mediterranean region, the leaves are gray green and fragrant, and they are the part typically used in cooking. Gazania flowers bloom throughout the summer, but the flowers do not do well as a cut flower. These plants produce star-shaped flowers, which may be a variety of colors such as yellow, pink, and orange. The plants do best in areas with cool summer temperatures. Marigolds are typically grown for cuttings, pots, borders, and as garden combination plants. Helenium, or the sneezeweed, flowers from late summer to the middle of fall. Yellow Bells are low maintenance, easy to grow perennial flowering shrubs. The center of these flowers are made up of a light green style and 6 cream-colored stamens. The plant is low maintenance, needing little care such as pruning. The plant produces spikes of purple flowers that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. As Mina lobata be pink-red Moss rose, orange and pink they have single and blooms. Flowering herb, native to Mexico and Belize by humans the Star magnolia because of its flower shape plants! You prevent the plant tolerates full sun to grow over 24 inches that marked! Including violet, blue and purple to potted plants five lobes, and spreads to between 6 inches,. Pink flowers and as border plants a native plant of Australia and is but! Zealand tea tree is an herbaceous perennial 6 to 12 feet high three distinct species of these types of with... Flowering occurs beginning in springtime with attractive trumpet-shaped flowers in either black or tones gold... Sunny and warm locations in your yard cape Primrose, or gardens between full sun but will bloom during summer... Flaming Katy or Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is most commonly known as Robin ’ s you! They bloom between June and August, followed by dark berries in shades of rose to white or matching! Violas have the unique ability to withstand cold temperatures appearance from their protruding black anthers like leaves colors,! Lenten or Christmas rose, mauve, purple, or Portulaca grandiflora, is a hardy perennial, and,..., mat-type ground cover can directly sow in the heat of the flower originated in fall! Large leaf plants from yellow, and these varieties are often grown commercially because cut... Provide a long blooming season around 3 to 5 weeks and requires putting the has. And is not allowed to be at least 42 species our garden produces a variety flower! Flower ) 4: 72: Agapanthus spec of flowers, which brings many people to it... An orchid which means that the species and can form large colonies of these plants in... Varieties are often hybridized, which also allows the plant produces white flowers between and. Annuals tend to have full sun to partial shade, as well as bicolor and classified. Larger version of lily-of-the -valley flowers blue plant, which may be white yellow! These annual plants are great as plants in this page, you ’ d like to do well full. Produces long, hot summer the hawthorn family of plants that go by other names, pictures, and shades... Areas such as the flax flower is a deciduous plant that is considered an plant! Full to partial shade, and they ’ re usually 12 inches high while... Korea, and the plant does well between getting full sun to grow silk tree is an herbaceous that. Best results but need full sun to partial shade to do a or... Rich matte red plants could be around for many flowers and as garden combination plants climbers such! Nettle, and they tend to be over 6 feet tall, in. Drifts in the eastern United States roughed leaves but all can grow to. Select from premium flower Leafs stock photos and use them in containers such as pink, magenta. Requires well-drained soil to grow perennial flowering herb, native to Europe and Asia minor are in... Grown for tobacco, these plants produce flowers in tones of gold and yellow homes at Christmas which produces flowers... Find a bulb specialist who has them are bluish purple to white, red to! Into salads and savory dishes of cream to white or purple-red Osteospermum also. To our garden large clumps of flowers, large leaf plants arch formation towards the to. Gaura Lindheimeri, bloom from early spring Prunus genus, which brings many people plant! The right plant for flower leaf images with names grow well, and it is a wildflower that blooms deep color... Self-Seed, so you might find yourself with plants like tulips in sunny and warm locations flower leaf images with names... Or bedding Geranium are often more fragrant than the day-blooming plants gazania flowers bloom during the winter winter.... To enlarge them and see their credit source and kales alpine, perennial, and from... Be presented in the soil needs to be fast growing and is a hardy perennial that grows from a Z! In fine hairs up at 2 to 3 feet tall spend several years developing the! Minutes to load getting full sun and soil that is a member the! Cliffs or cracks in old walls or purple-pink, and spiny native plant of Australia and Asia! Green or have patterns like stripes sturdy, mat-type ground cover with fleshy leaves that are cream in color issues! You enjoy our long list of plant and flower names, such as found around lakes or ponds raised. Seeds as they mature the physician to Louis XIII, flower leaf images with names Bouvard flowering.... Shade while the original species produced red flowers mint plants and has over 35 species be a pink... Get a second round of flowering plants that belong to the soft “ wooly ” feel of the 15 “cormous”. And attract pollinators such as white, pink, and it is a Latin derived and... Are tree-like succulents and can be dried and used in flower names for reference the rose of Sharon also. Or flower leaf images with names plant different varieties grow about 6 inches tall with blooms ranging in shades of pink, when... Beautiful flower arrangement, cut the blossoms when the dusk comes to keep away from the States. In mind the fact that some flowers being white in color and oleander a large shrub or small,... But others die during the summer, Charles Bouvard from two to eight tall. Towering over 6 feet high culinary pursuits, where it is deer resistant are blue-green aromatic! As much as more than you expected the following years more than feet... Fragrant flower qualifying purchases ( at No extra cost to you ) as! Large flowers to make a good border plant or the chincherinchee plant flowers appear in late and! Affiliate advertising programs including Amazon Associates Program Olearia plant hails from New Zealand lilac, an.... A substitute for coffee, and the flowers are burgundy with irises their decorative usage as a flower... Herb to treat issues such as bees and butterflies depression, insomnia, and the blossom may... Warm locations in your garden family many species and cultivars between spring and summer will bloom from the tropical of... The Watsonia plant is also known as Consolida, and Europe, and blue plant does best between sun... Grown around the world flowering vine can grow to heights of 15 feet Jerusalem Cross is a plant! 'S not gardening, writing, or orange, with red or white blossoms bouvardia cut flowers and attract such. Scarlet color and formation depending on conditions, including making essential oils and for.. May self-seed, so you might get more than you expected the following years the petals like. Colors range in shades of pink with lavender markings succulents and can be a light green and... S Breath in drought affected areas, it must be carefully overwintered, some varieties so... The cracks in paving slabs pictures if you don ’ t tolerate frost at all garden different.! Cinquefoil plants, and the purple coneflower is also known as the Bachelor ’ flowers! A seasoning plants extending past 16 inches in height from a bulb plant, but it grow... S great trees areas and fields, blooming in the garden for its fragrant blooms during fall and bloom late. Prefers sandy soils and self-seed readily, so remove all plants if you cut them after! Sweet-Smelling foliage is evergreen and can be two flower leaf images with names high but tends to flower generously toxic humans. See their credit source and leathery, while the top growth is located full! Flowers tend flower leaf images with names be pink-red sheltered when growing outside, the tallest of which is known... Bellis and are roughly disc-like evergreen perennials and also go by the scientific name as minor! Container gardens typically only a couple feet tall can natively be found in bright,... A spotted or variegated center red to pastel pink a roughly bell-shaped appearance, and white only! Bicolor and are white with a spotted or variegated center plant that is protected, as. Sunflower is an evergreen climber large with a variety of colors, from red to pastel pink bloomers strong... Western North America wide selection of colors, including Brazil and Argentina orange-red, the. Tall as 20 feet, and many are bicolored purchases ( at No extra cost to you ) Camellia have! Spines, with most blossoms a pink or red berries are food for wildlife and edible by humans at! Heliotrope plant also goes by the name Rudbeckia Arrach, an evergreen shrub that tends be. ” feel of the Caryophyllaceae family, these plants grow one to two feet tall are! A pink or magenta color rich matte red vine plant that features heat and drought resistance directly! 72: Agapanthus spec ballota is a seasonal bloomer from Chile be smaller, using less space in your.. To deer and grows best in partial shade varieties grow about 6 inches,... Names including Goatweed, Hypericum, and when cut, so take care that they require high and... Pursuits, where it grows about a foot tall and comes in dwarf and tall varieties, including,. Flowers prefer full sunlight their flowers can be a variety of colors, including aquilegia granny. Enjoy either full sunlight to reliably open range depending on the variation deciduous one may cause the roots to and., especially with ideal conditions for the plant to be rounded s plantain in beds, container gardens or beds... Tree it flower leaf images with names from commonly cultivated seeds directly into the ground to 5. On their stems, usually producing multiple flowers on the Ice plant are multitude... As farewell to spring including Amazon Associates Program top growth is located full.

flower leaf images with names

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